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Fire of Vision / Train of Life

[ Double Album ]


Play in Lofi  1. Fire of Vision  Play in Hifi

Play in Lofi  2. Paradox of Life  Play in Hifi

Play in Lofi  3. Desert Light  Play in Hifi

4. Let me tell you This

5. Drive

6. Sweet Madness

7. Dreams Never Come True

8. A Leap of Luck

9. Dream in a Stone

10. Do you want me to Stay

11. No More

12. Too Close and Too Far

13. I'm Willing to Wait

14. Goodbye

15. Black Hail

16. First Time is the Last Time

17. I Cannot See it Rise

18. Sometime, Someone, Somewhere

19. Percolator

Play in Lofi  20. Madrigal Feast  Play in Hifi

21. Song to a Final Cry

Play in Lofi  22. Train of Life  Play in Hifi


This album is about a young girl who searches for happiness,

freedom, passion, love, and the meaning of life.

She finds the solution: a faithful journey toward the solution.

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