Tatiana Grecic Performs in Honolulu

This page will keep you up to date with all the Music of Honolulu Hawaii, while Tatiana explores new venues and partners with talent to bring the community more of what Aloha Rock is all about. These pages are also about innovations in music and science that each represent the turning-point from our present age - to a future filled with hope and understanding.


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with Her Rock Band.

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Fire of Vision / Train of Life

This album is about a young girl who searches for happiness, freedom, passion, love, and the meaning of life. She finds the solution: a faithful journey toward the solution.


A Passion for Truth

This is a mostly-instrumental Screenplay Soundtrack composed by Tatiana Grecic and Zach Pendulum. The screen-play characterizes a true story about two mirror-souls and their search for life's true devine plan.


The World Wide Wonderland

This album remembers the wondrous aspect of life, amidst a past and future world of wars. Zach Pendulum is an artist of Hawaii, forming a software-publishing company to raise funds for the Record Label.


A Place Under the Sun

This sensational instrumental album tells the story of the life of any living thing on earth. It is based on the yearly cycle: that which every living thing must face, with a celebration of the warmth of the loving sun.

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